Gain insights into your Vedic Astrology birth chart with a Sidereal Astrology chart reading. Based on your date, time, and place of birth, your birth chart reveals your Rising Sign, Moon Sign, and Sun Sign plus so much more! Schedule a 60-minute unique-to-you reading.

Individual: $90

“I had my first Jyotish reading by Val last week and it was amazing. I got to know myself at a deeper level and love how the chart is alive. Pieces from childhood and the present make sense now. With this new sense I feel inspired to explore my life.” – ID

“There is so much we can learn about the stars and planet alignment from when we were born. When things felt off, I found my Vedic chart reading to be a guiding resource. My Vedic reading taught me different ways to support my own journey.” – JJ


Interested in traditional one-on-one personalize private instruction? Schedule a private 75-minute yoga class with Valerie for unique-to-you instruction designed to serve specific injuries, physical limitations, and/or concerns.

Individual: $100
Group (2 or more): $40 per additional student

“The private class was so utterly gentle and then I felt so alive afterwards. Thank you! Definitely going to start doing the routine you showed me.” – JM

“After being away from yoga for 3 years, experiencing the aging process not in a good way, I felt the need to find a yoga practice again but in a private setting to gain confidence and strength to join in a class atmosphere. I can tell you I found everything I needed with Val.  Her teaching technique is purposeful and caring; she taught me the importance of the physical foundation on which to build my practice. Something no other instructor had ever done.  Val meets you where you are on your path without judgment and her heart is with you in every instruction. The Best Yoga Instructor I’ve ever had.” – IS

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